The creation of TIP dates back to 2016 and it took place in the capital, New Delhi. From the very first client being a famous hotel till the present, TIP was created for a purpose. A purpose that believes in the strength of great teamwork rooted from the power of ideas and driven by passion, determination and discipline. A purpose that has the capacity to change the landscape of Digital Media through innovation and high ROI driven results for all types of business at a very affordable prices.

The main reason behind being blessed with customer satisfaction lies in our core values of adaptability, passion, innovation, teamwork and cooperation which ensure our complete involvement with the customers from beginning to end adding a personal touch in their journey. Join us on this journey of turning your dreams into invincible ventures and we guarantee that you will never have to look back!


We, at TIP, are a diverse team of coders, developers, designers, writers and creators belonging to diverse educational backgrounds sharing a common goal of making your business invincible with its strong social presence to ensure maximum ROI, client & customer satisfaction.



We strive to provide businesses with ROI driven strong social presence and through various plans including services such as website & app development, digital marketing, events and social media management at highly affordable prices with utmost care and quality.


To shift the landscape of the Digital Marketing by building a community for all types of businesses and providing end to end services at highly affordable prices


  • AdaptabilityChanging times demand survival skills & relevancy. We, at TIP adapt and evolved to stay current and relevant.
  • Passion– We revolve around hard work, discipline and dedication which makes our work culture passionate
  • Innovation– We believe in challenging ourselves and coming up with innovations as answers to our passion.
  • Teamwork– We believe in the power of ideas and diverse perceptions that are executed with unity and strong teamwork.
  • Cooperation– We don’t believe in hierarchy of any sorts. We practice the culture of cooperation which makes us team invincible.
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